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Stand with Israel and The Jewish People

Please Join us on Sunday, June 6th at New Beginnings for an important FREE community event uniting Christians and Jews together in support of the Jewish People, The State of Israel, and Against Anti-Semitism!

Please Note: The event is being held INDOORS at the New Beginnings Auditorium!

Now is the time to let ALL of our voices be heard! The Jewish People will not be intimidated and we will not cower, hide, or live in fear! We will not take off our Yarmulkas or Stars of David, and we will not sit quietly as our brothers and sisters continue to be verbally and physically attacked in the streets!

We are living through troubling times, but throughout our history the Jewish People have always prevailed, and this time will be no exception! We are the light onto the World, and it is our job to hold our heads high and spread knowledge, wisdom and truth to all who will listen.

We thank Adonai our G-D every day for his blessings and for always being by our side! May G-D Bless the Jewish People, May G-D Bless Israel, and May G-D Bless our Christian friends who support us and stand with the Jewish people and Israel now and always!

Confirmed Featured Speaker List:

Pastor Rafael Cruz - Global Pastor & Father of Senator Ted Cruz
Mort Klein - President of Zionist Organization of America
Pastor Larry Huch - Founder & Senior Pastor of New Beginnings Church
Evan Sayet - Jewish Conservative Author & Presidential Speech Writer
Bunni Pounds - President of Christians Engaged
Tova Feldman - Holocaust Survivor
Pastor Trey Graham - Sr. Pastor First Melissa
Rabbi William Zev Shulkin - Spiritual Care Coordinator at Texas Health Resources & Parkland
Charles Pulman - Founder of Why Israel Matters, Inc.
J.J. Koch - Dallas County Commissioner
Rabbi Meir Sabo - Israeli Rabbi and Educator
Jon-David Wells - Host of the Wells Report - Event MC

Check Out The Event Schedule:

4:00pm - 4:45pm -- Guest Check-In, Grab an America/Israeli Flag, Complimentary Water & Snacks and Listen to Uplifting Jewish & Israeli Music by DJ Joey Benami inside of the beautiful New beginnings lobby and auditorium. Pizza and Soft Drinks will be Available for Purchase as well!

4:45pm-5:00pm -- Opening remarks, followed by the US National Anthem & Israel National Anthem, followed by an invocation by Rabbi William Zev Shulkin and Pastor, Trey Graham.

5:00pm-6:30pm -- Featured Speakers Make Their Remarks

6:30pm --Thank You's, Announcements and More Music!


Important Event Information:

We will have small handheld Israeli and American flags available for folks upon arrival (while supplies last). If you have your own flags, we encourage you to bring them! The more flags we have, the better!

We will have complimentary bottled water and snacks available, plus delicious pizza and soda available for purchase! cash/credit accepted!


What You May Bring:

Israeli flags, Texas flags, American flags and of course your voice, spirit and support!


What You May NOT bring:

No anti-Israel or anti-Jewish propaganda, t-shirts, flags or signs are allowed inside the facility. No megaphones or noise makers of any kind will be allowed inside the event area.



We are working directly with Texas Liberty Coalition and coordinating with local law enforcement to ensure we have a safe and secure event! We appreciate the men and women in blue and we sincerely thank them for their service and all that they do for us!


If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact Benji Gershon at

We look forward to seeing y'all soon!

#StopJewishHate #StandUnitedwiththeJews

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