As G-D fearing, freedom loving Americans, we value and cherish our religious freedoms and liberties! We have an obligation to do everything that we can to ensure those freedoms remain protected and put a stop to the endless assault on religious freedom that we are witnessing in this country!

Join us on Thursday, Aug 12th where we will hear from Christians Engaged PresidentBunni Pounds & Congregation Toras Chaim, Rabbi Yaakov Rich who will share their incredible stories of how their religious freedoms and liberties were attacked and infringed upon, and how they overcame extraordinary obstacles and challenges brought on by the US government and WON!

In addition, we'll hear from First Liberty Institute's Director of Public AffairsLathan Watts on what we are doing from a legal and constitutional standpoint to protect our religious freedoms, and how each of us can play a role in confronting and solving these serious issues facing Americans today!

Plus, we will be joined by First Liberty's, Keisha Russell who was the Lead Counsel in the highly recognized Airmont case, who will talk about her experience fighting for religious liberty on behalf of her clients!

It's Important to Note: We have seen a dramatic rise in litigation directed at the fundamental freedom of religious liberty, which includes more than 75 cases since 1940! It took 110 years to see three Supreme Court cases challenging religious liberty, but only 80 years to litigate more than 75 more!
Religious freedom has been under increasing siege for over eight decades now. In addition, we have seen numerous violent attacks on our fellow Jews and Christians, the desecration and destruction of our synagogues, churches, religious symbols & monuments, the blaming of synagogues and churches for the spread of Covid, and last but not least, the restricting and shutting down of synagogues & churches in the name of "safety", deeming them all as "non-essential" businesses!

We invite you and your family to join us for this very important program! Our Full Event Schedule will be released in the coming days!

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