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Join DJC and our conservative partners for an important in-depth discussion and Q&A focused on Protecting Our Children!

We will be discussing a variety of critical topics including:

  • The Transgender Issue - Hormone Therapy, Puberty Blockers, Trans-Sports & More...

  • The Legislative Perspective - What is Being Done to Protect Our Kids & Stop the Abuse?

  • Big Pharma - How The Pharmaceutical Industry is Going All-In On "Gender Modification".

  • Radical Sex Education - How Adult Content & Gender Theory is infiltrating the Classroom.

  • Critical Race Theory and the Woke Administrators - How They Are Indoctrinating Our Youth.

  • The "Kinsey Influence" & So Much More!


Our Featured Guests Include:

Bob Hall: Texas State Senator - SD 2

Jeff Younger: Candidate for Texas House - HD 63

Jill Glover: SREC Committee Woman - SD 12

Audrey Werner: President of the Matthew Group, Former Sex-Ed Educator & Author & "Mind Polluters" Cast Member.

Our Panel Discussion and Q&A will be Moderated by Jeff Morgan, Co-Host of "Dad Talk Today".


If you have any questions, media inquiries, or would like to learn how to join us as a partner on this event, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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