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Election Integrity is a top legislative priority this session! Join us for an important event discussing how we can make Elections Accurate, Transparent and Accountable featuring prominent Election Experts & Cyber Professionals that will explain and show you just how easy it is to infiltrate our election systems! Prepare to be blown away with new information and LIVE Election Hacking Demonstrations that EVERYONE needs to see!

Our Featured Speakers Include:

Debbie Georgatos - Special Guest Moderator and Host of "America, Can We Talk?" 

Russ Ramsland - Election Expert and Co-Founder of Allied Security Operations Group

Mark Cook - Election Cyber Security Expert, IT Specialist & Software Developer

Clint Curtis - Democrat Who Wrote the 1st Algorithm to Switch Election Results & Testified Under Oath.

*We will have time for audience Q&A following our speaker presentations!


WE THE PEOPLE OF TEXAS deserve secure elections that are ACCURATE & TRANSPARENT (reviewable and auditable) with those who violate our election laws being held ACCOUNTABLE! Therefore, we need the 88th Legislature support legislation that seeks to minimize the opportunities for election mismanagement and manipulation, by requiring the following:

  • hand-marked, sequentially numbered ballots preprinted on counterfeit-resistant paper 

  • paper poll books, fixed before the election period

  • precinct “neighborhood” level voting (no county-wide centers)

  • tabulation of ballots with secure/tamper resistant counter 

  • verifying vote results with hand counts and robust audits  

  • elimination of the gap between election day and early voting

  • limiting mail-in voting to only those who legitimately need it 

  • cleaning and securing our voter rolls ensuring they contain only qualified and eligible citizens

  • eliminating the costly and ineffective ERIC system

  • restoration of felony penalties for fraudulent voting

  • reinstatement of the Texas Attorney General’s prosecutorial authority to investigate and prosecute election and voter fraud 

  • prohibition of rank choice voting

  • prohibition of foreign ownership of any election process or component

We look forward to seeing you soon! For questions and all media inquiries, please email us at 


*Security provided by Texas Protective Security 

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