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DJC invites you to join us for an informative and timely presentation, discussion and Q&A on all things energy with Texas State Senator Angela Paxton and Gubernatorial Appointee of the Texas Radiation Board, Sanjay Narayan!

Our featured speakers will be covering an array of important topics including:

The Cost of Energy Dependence - Why Energy Independence is so Important:

  • Why is energy independence so important both from an economic and national security standpoint?

  • What does the Biden administration need to do right now to ease the pain at the pump for Americans and increase our oil & gas supply?

  • How is the ongoing conflict with Russia/Ukraine affecting gas & energy costs?

  • What steps can we take to expand our gas production and nuclear power in Texas?

Security and Reliability:

  • What has The State of Texas done and what are we currently doing to protect the Texas grid?

  • Does wind power work and should Texas continue to be provide subsidies for it?

  • What impact do "Green" subsidies have on our economy and how do they contribute to inefficient green sources of power and widespread outages?

  • Winter Power Outage 2021 - What happened, What went wrong, and how can we fix it to avoid the same problem again?

Nuclear Power in Texas and Nationwide:

  • How efficient and reliable is nuclear power?

  • How do our nuclear plants work?

  • What are the pros & cons of nuclear power in comparison to other power sources?

  • Nuclear waste disposal - how does it work and what are the risks?

Winning the Politics of the Issue:

  • How have federal energy policies have diminished our security both at home and abroad?

  • The "Green New Deal" - Why is it unachievable and a disaster for our economy?

  • How do we implement a forward looking agenda that maximizes economic growth, environmental stewardship, jobs, & security?

  • How do we win the energy argument against the Democrats and counter their ineffective and out of touch policies?

  • And So Much More!

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

For all questions and media inquiries please email us at:

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