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Artificial Intelligence & Politics_ How

Join Dallas Jewish Conservatives (DJC) for an extraordinary presentation by Dr. Rory Lewis that will take you on a journey into the secretive World of Artificial Intelligence within Politics. Dr. Lewis will discuss how his AI strategy (which he performed & directed with Jared Kushner & Brad Parscale) played a critical role in President Donald J. Trump's 2016 victory, and why AI will play an even bigger role in 2020!

Dr. Lewis will discuss his strategy on how we win the war on Judeo-Christian values, why we are losing it, and how we will begin to start winning it!

Dr. Rory Lewis' Bio:
In 2016, Dr. Lewis performed the AI for the Trump campaign with Jared Kushner, and is currently working with Tommy Hicks Jr. to ensure we don't lose our country. Dr. Lewis is also a Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a Senior Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence at the RAND Corporation. In addition, Dr. Lewis served in the Special Forces in South Africa, while working with the Isayeret - Israeli Special Forces.

REGISTER TODAY! Tickets Start at Just $5! Seating is Limited!

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